Frisia Museum, Opmeer

The museum, the park and the town

Aside from the new museum of magical realistic art in Spanbroek/ Opmeer being intended for the exhibition of art in the exhibition rooms and of sculptures in the surrounding park area, it also provides a meeting place for the local residents.

This last requirement has led to the remarkable positioning of the volumes. By means of an elongated volume, the entrance to the museum is linked directly to the street with its typical ribbons of buildings.

  Due to this set up, there is not only a low threshold entrance, but there is also a panoramic view of the deeply set park next to the museum. This building also separates the parking grounds from the peaceful serenity of the sculpture garden. Internally, by means of a series of 'rooms', the elongated volume also provides a soft transition of the village atmosphere to the art of Magic Realism.

A floating volume, which balances on the substructure, forms the museum section of this complex and was inspired by the painting ‘Le Château des Pyrénées’ by René Magritte.


Here diffused daylight determines the viewing of the art. The park is subdivided into various themes based on Magic Realism paintings.